Let's naming right.

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What is nomyne? Three things that we want people to know

Democratization of the brand!?

We have been doing brand consulting work for nearly 20 years.
We think that way of brand has changed greatly in "20 years of the Internet", too.
EC site, blogger, Maker movement, YouTube bar. Individual information and ability to transmit goods is strengthening.
"Brands" which had been the center of large enterprises and long-established stores have been "democratizing" rapidly to individual ones.

Protecting the brand and rights

First of all, as a premise, your name does not infringe other brands.
Next, you must properly license your name.
And put it on products and advertisements, your brand will be widely recognized.
A company that has enough money to date has done such branding.
In nomyne (ノミネ) it is very simple to conduct brand research and right.

nomyne, the origin of the name

Investigation of brand power.
Survey of leading brands.

nomyneWhen giving a nameThis is the service I want everyone to use.
So, it is derived from "nomine" meaning name in Latin.
By placing "my" in the center of the name instead of "mi", We think that the center of the name tells you that the owner of the brand is you.